• The platinn coaching took place at the most appropriate time. Our start-up was already operating and we had a first product, but, we as engineers, lacked key sales and marketing skills.

    Daniel Berchtold

    Founder, HOOC SA
  • I really appreciated that the coaches adapted their support to us. Also, I do value bespoke help. They challenged us by telling us that we could not do everything by ourselves – this brought us back to our senses, and our feet were firmly on the ground again.

    Philippe Lambinet

    CEO, Cogito Instruments
  • In project analysis and project support, the know-how and approach contributed by the coach saved our company a lot of time. We tapped into valuable skills that companies usually lack.

    Pascal Quelot

    Director, OPAL Créations Sàrl
  • Cash is king! We reorganized, thus we regained dynamism. By accelerating administrative processes we improved our cash flow, which in turn gave us the money we needed for further growth.

    Steve Schweizer

    Director, Profarm
  • It took us an effort to introduce the platinn approach in our daily operations. First results are already visible, with a 3-week shorter customer lead time and a 33% higher capacity utilization of our machines.

    Jérôme Chanton

    CEO, Kugler Bimetal
  • L’intervention de platinn s’est faite au moment le plus opportun. Notre start-up fonctionnait et le produit existait, mais il nous manquait des compétences commerciales et marketing qui font souvent défaut aux ingénieurs que nous sommes.

    Daniel Berchtold

    Fondeteur, HOOC SA
  • Ce qui m’a plu, c’est que les coachs ont adaptés leur soutien à notre situation. C’est ce côté sur-mesure que j’apprécie. Aussi, lorsqu’on nous provoque en nous disant qu’on ne pourra pas tout faire, c’est très utile. Il nous ont aidé à remettre les pieds sur terre.

    Philippe Lambinet

    Président-Directeur général, Cogito Instruments
  • Que ce soit pour l’analyse du projet ou pour son suivi, les savoir-faire et les réflexes du coach font gagner beaucoup de temps à l’entreprise. Ils représentent de surcroît un apport de compétences dont elle ne dispose pas toujours.

    Pascal Quelot

    Directeur, OPAL Créations Sàrl
  • Il n’y a qu’un seul point qui parle, c’est les finances! La réorganisation nous a permis de retrouver du dynamisme. L’accélération des processus administratifs a un effet qui se fait ressentir sur les liquidités, et qui nous offre la possibilité de pouvoir développer.

    Steve Schweizer

    Directeur, Profarm
  • Il a certes fallu aménager la démarche platinn à l’intérieur du quotidien, mais les premiers résultats sont là, avec une réduction de 3 semaines des délais-clients et un amélioration des l’engagement du parc machines de l’ordre de 33%.

    Jérôme Chanton

    CEO, Kugler Bimetal

Business Development

This service helps start-ups, micro and small companies create and develop their business. It contributes:

  • to hit the market with a first, innovative product
  • to acquire new customers and conquer new markets
  • by renewing offerings
  • by developing technology, human resources and money

The team of accredited coaches and the network of specialists are familiar with those challenges, they are skilled in setting up and supporting innovation projects, and provide customized and structured support to each company. To conclude, they bring strategic insights, a market orientation and a holistic perception of stakes.



Service Cooperation

This service helps build partnerships and cooperation projects aimed at achieving business innovations. It is based on:

  • a methodology that is internationally recognized as “best practice”
  • a portfolio of tools made freely available to companies
  • a network of partners in Switzerland and abroad to set up consortia of projects
  • access to innovation programs for co-financing projects

This service can embrace open innovation strategies.

Service Organization

This service helps with evolving and optimizing the organization. It is based on a methodology that facilitates alignment to strategy. Goals are:

  • aligning organization and resources to strategy
  • increasing productivity
  • improving performance
  • controlling production cycles and processes
  • optimizing costs and operations

These services, combined with quick response times, make the difference in imagining, building and integrating constructive changes, leading to tangible improvements.

Service Financing

The service offers access to a multitude of financing sources, such as:

  • equity capital (Venture Capital, Business Angel, etc.)
  • dept capital (bank loans, venture capital, business angels, loan guarantees, etc.)
  • other contributions (public institutions, foundations, etc.)
  • alternative financing sources for your projects (ICO, crowdfunding, etc.)

platinn’s Finance accredited coaches master the challenge of raising funds. They contribute a strategic view and a holistic understanding of financial needs of companies.

Our work

The recurrent platinn customer satisfaction survey shows highly satisfied customers on “usefulness of the support” and “motivation to repeat the experience”. 88% of respondents say they are positive or even very positive on platinn coachings.


Usefulness of the support
Usefulness of the support 88%
Motivation to repeat the experience
Motivation to repeat the experience 83%