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Name : smE-MPOWER - Empowering SMEs for long term research interest and increased participation in EU RTD activities

Program : 6th Framework Programme on Research, Technological Development and Demonstration, Specific Support Action, EC Contract No 023401 (ETI-CT-2005), 2005 - 2007

Objective and results : The mission of smE-MPOWER is to enable and support SMEs to benefit strategically from participation in (international) R&D project consortia. The approach is clearly market driven and consequently focused on business innovation.

The four stage cooperation coaching process and its related tool-box are the main results of the project. They are focused on the following questions :

  1. „Initiating collaborative business innovation projects“: Business innovation requires a strategic rooting of any project development. How to secure this ?
  2. „Initiating collaborative business innovation projects“: Most promising projects require strategic partnerships. How to define those ?
  3. „Initiating collaborative business innovation projects“: A clear and agreed project concept is needed for the collaboration. How to deal with the critical issues ?
  4. Contract negotiations : In many collaborative R&D projects several industrial and research partners are contributing to the project success. The following two fundamental questions :
  • « who owns » and
  • « who has the rights to use » project results

should be well answered and formalized.

Impact : A community of international professionals uses the four stage cooperation coaching process as “best practice”. They contribute to the continuous improvement of the tool-box. All tools are available under a creative commons attribution share-alike licence.

The platinn’s accreditation process of cooperation coaches is based on the smE-MPOWER methodology. In 2009, the training of the PULL-coaches of the Swiss national “Knowledge and Technology Transfer” initiative was successfully launched.

smE-MPOWER is an ongoing story and becomes part of the core-business of intermediary support organisations for SMEs. Hundreds of companies benefitted from their services.

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Contact point international : Andreas Wolf,

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