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Name : Symphony - A dynamic management methodology with modular and integrated methods and tools for knowledge-based, adaptive SMEs.

Program : The European IST Programme, Key Action 2, EC Contract No IST-2000-61206, 2002 – 2005.

IMS – Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) with participating regions from Europe, Switzerland, Canada and Australia (

Results : Symphony offers an integrated toolset for managing enterprises aiming continuous creation, exploration and exploitation of business opportunities through strategic resources and strategic networking. It provides a unique approach for interlinking strategic decisions with organisational design and competence development of people. The platform is composed of three modules :

SymStrategy is a collection of methods covering the three strategic dimensions :

  • resource based strategy
  • business strategy
  • business model

SymOrganisation provides a methodology for designing dynamic, networked and knowledge-based organisations. The main features of SymOrganisation are :

  • Identification and evaluation of competence cells and business processes
  • Linking competence cells to business opportunities
  • Design the organisational network as a system
  • Manage organisational dynamics
  • Define critical job profiles within the organisational context, SymOrganisation interrelates with the strategy process and provides operational interfaces to the development of competences at people level (see SymCompetences).

SymCompetences is a method based IT platform conceived for accessing and developing human resources. It supports the planning, organisation, implementation, and monitoring process of human resources. The main features of SymCompetences are :

  • Identification of emerging jobs
  • Continuous jobs development
  • People competences identification and development
  • Easy matching between people and jobs
  • Support for the people mobility based on competences
  • Measurement of the gap between your existing resources and your needs
  • Support for people mobility based on competences, resources sharing, training, recruitment, personal development path.

Impact : The above mentioned tools of Symphony became an integrated part of platinn’s coaching services. Hundreds of companies are benefiting from it.

The national and international exploitation of the toolbox is handled by Harmony Solutions SA ( and its partners.

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Contact : Esther Merino,