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Name : Building Rapport between Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Public and Private Research Capabilities

Objectives and results :

1. Develop a reference guide of good practices of the existing European programs run in the last 5 years, including benchmarks for strengthening the knowledge exchange and transfer between research community and SMEs.

2. Develop a blueprint paper on new emerging forms of SMEs support with involvement of large corporations.

3. Engage policy-makers and other key stakeholders into a dialogue and ensure “translation” of the reference guide and the blueprint paper into a roadmap for embedding the more suitable practices and policies.

Impact :

The project intends to develop both process and outcome benchmark for all types of programs (public, private and public-private) and for all types of SMEs (cutting edge, high absorptive capacity and low absorptive capacity). However, the focus is on the SMEs with low absorption capacity, as they represent 99% of all enterprises, assuring over 100 million jobs in Europe.

The project considers not only the involvement of SMEs into research but also enabling SMEs to access completed research. Further on, analytical thinking is to be enriched by developing approaches that produce better understanding of the existing schemas as well as measurement of their impact, through Key Performance Indictors (KPI) and Expert Judgment Survey (EJS) of the project.

The contribution of platinn to this European project is going to be mutually valuable. platinn is transferring its own experience and its recognized methodology of work. On the other side, platinn is benefiting from getting insight into the European good practices, assuring thus further improvement of its services to SMEs.

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Contact : Snezana Peiry,

Contact : Christoph Meier,