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At the core of platinn’s organizational and operational structure is matching its four types of service with the targets of these services. The goal is to evolve, allocate and integrate — in a flexible and efficient manner — platinn’s expertise into the heart of a firm. The organizational framework relative to the four strategic services is presented below :


These four services constitute the “heart” of platinn. Since the professionalism of the processes and their agents will be decisive for clients, the organization and management of the four services merits complete attention. Several organizational measures have been instituted for this purpose:

  • The director nominates one person responsible for each of the four core services (a service manager). The service manager coordinates and oversees each service.
  • The service providers are accredited coaches. When necessary, they bring in specialists.
  • An evaluation of implementation process has been formalized for each of the four services. These implementation processes define the operational framework for conducting industrial projects (projects are called “cases”). Accordingly, several objectives are aimed for:

> reduce the risks of implementing a project (by doing the right things in the right order),

> create a common language between partners (clients, agents, administration, financial decision-makers),

> assure transparency at the level of intervention, in both knowledge and documentation,

> supply frame of reference “indicators” for reporting on and controlling platinn’s activities,

> administer financial flows,

> capitalize on experience of past “cases” and support the exchange of experience and hence individual and organizational training.