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A networked organization, with expertise divided into independent units, platinn is coordinated and managed at several levels. Its governance structure is laid down in the “platinn statutes” and explained in the document “concept of governance.”

General Assembly
The General Assembly is composed of the chiefs of services of the member cantons, united in the CDEP-SO. Its objective is to maintain cohesion and coherence with other programs within the intercantonal purview.

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is composed of representatives appointed by each canton and a President of Industry appointed by the General Assembly. Being the target audience of the platinn association, manufacturers are particularly well placed to judge its effectiveness, which is why it is essential to have at least one representative of the manufacturing sector at the heart of the Executive Committee. In addition, this body allows for neutrality vis-à-vis coaches and cantonal antenna offices, which is the reason representatives appointed by the cantons cannot serve as coaches or as agents of cantonal antenna offices. Furthermore, at least one of the representatives appointed by the cantons must be a member of a department of the CDEP-SO.

The Director is in charge of operational management. He bears the responsibility and may offer direction to managers of benefit services.

platinn’s network of coaches
platinn selects all the coaches it accredits. Whether salaried or not by the cantonal antenna offices, they deliver the aid to businesses. The network may draw upon the skills and expertise of external specialists on an ad hoc basis.

Cantonal antenna offices
Cantonal antenna offices coordinate platinn’s activities in each canton, generating projects, promoting platinn’s services, and ensuring compliance with cantonal legal provisions. Moreover, they enjoy a policy-making role as well as the right to scrutinize the accreditation of coaches, the approval of projects and release of funds. The cantonal antenna offices are mandated by the cantons to serve as their agents. Currently, the following entities constitute cantonal antenna offices:

be-advanced (Bern), Development Agency FDA (Fribourg), Innovaud (Vaud), CimArk (Valais), Service de l'économie (Neuchatel), OPI (Geneva) and Creapole (Jura).